Glee AU: Faberry were together when Quinn was in her car crash.

Anonymous asked: FABERRY.

(i have never attempted to write faberry, so forgive me if this is total crap)

public pervert - interpol

When Quinn had received her invitation to attend the fifth-year reunion of her old glee club, she had been a bit hesitant at first. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to see anyone, but…well, she didn’t want to see anyone. And if she knew them as well as she thought, she knew that all of them would be there to celebrate. McKinley High was a thing of the past, in her eyes, and she had long since moved on from all that had happened back then.

But she surprises herself when she ends up getting ready on the Saturday and driving the two hours to Lima in order to attend. The entire ride there is filled with deep breaths and her hands refuse to stop shaking. She shouldn’t be nervous because, damnit, Quinn Fabray does not get nervous. The phrase, this is a huge mistake runs through her mind about fifty times during the time it takes for her to walk from the parking lot to the old glee club room.

But, the whole thing ends up being not so bad. Puck still has his mohawk, Sam still tells weird jokes, Kurt’s still as fabulous as always, and Mercedes still greets her like she did in high school - a wide smile and a enveloping hug. Mr. Shue asks her about her advertising job and Artie tells her all about his and Tina’s new apartment. Mike whirls her around the room, and Santana and Brittany invite her to hang out “one of these days”. It’s like nothing’s changed.

But then, suddenly, Rachel appears in front of her and Quinn finds her heart stuck in her throat. She doesn’t say anything and neither does Rachel, because neither of them know how to start this conversation that they both never really finished all those years ago.

They stand there in an awkward silence for a moment, Rachel’s hands toying with a loose string on her sweater as Quinn stares at the floor. But then they both look up at the same time and there’s that look, the look that Quinn hasn’t seen since they graduated and she finds herself smiling, just slightly.

"Hi," she says.

Rachel smiles in return.