Blaine and Kurt sing ‘You Make Me Feel So Young’ 

‘Glee’: Watch Blaine and Kurt sing ‘You Make Me Feel So Young’ — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO |

We get to see Mindy as single and realizing her feelings for Danny. We’ve played it kind of the opposite way until now, so the point of view shifts and it’s Mindy looking at him in a way she hadn’t before, which is really fun. [x]

New Clone: Jennifer Fitzsimmons 

Pull the trigger. [x]

Glee Cast  Brave (Glee Cast Version)

Brave (Glee Cast Version)

"What’s happening to Stiles?" 3x18 Extended Promo (x)


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Exclusive Glee Video: Blaine Forgives ‘Kurt’

Full Performance of “You’re My Best Friend” from “Puppet Master”